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Professional Commercial Photography from Voelker Photo

Why Appearances Matter

Great professional photography matters now more than ever.  Why?  Because more people see and share images than ever before!  This statement will be true tomorrow and the next day and the day after.  Take a minute to think about the life cycle of a picture taken for a business.  The image is posted on a web page, a product page, a service page, an advertisement, a Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram – whatever.  Viewers have a split second to form an impression then that image either sits or gets shared.  Potential customers make decisions about your brand and the quality of work you do based on what they SEE. That is why it is so important to hire a professional commercial photographer that can represent the quality work you do.

FLIP YOUR THINKING.  If quality commercial photography is a “can” you’ve been kicking for a while then stop.  Make getting great pictures of your business a priority.  Put it at the head of your marketing plan instead of the rear.  Of all the money you invest in growing your business, quality commercial photos should be a critically important piece.  In today’s virtual world it is usually the first touch you have with a prospect.

Photography Services Offered by Voelker Photo

As you can see below, Voelker Photo offers all the services of a full fledged corporate photographer. I may do all the work myself or pool resources to accomplish your goals. Whichever the case, be sure to ask which services will suit your needs the best.


All commercial photography is shot using off-camera flash – no HDR.  Images are taken using a combination of ambient and flash layers to produce the most natural and attractive looking images possible.  All photos are taken and edited by me.  Some product photo editing may be outsourced occasionally.


I can shoot with flash or continuous lighting on location as necessary.  Your convenience and photo quality are most important.  If you have some products to shoot and you lack the necessary space then I can shoot at my office if products are small enough for transporting.


Video services include shooting, wrting, voice-over, music and editing.  I spent 11 years as a television news reporter and anchor so I’ve got a good background for it.  Your project may be cinematic or simple in scale so your needs could vary significantly and that’s okay.  Let’s discuss and see!


Drone stills and video are also available through Voelker Photo.  I sub-contract the work directly so once you hire me I take care of the rest.  I recommend you hire me to coordinate and implement your services rather than parsing and piece-mealing the project.  Too many chiefs can really complicate the process.


Generally, speaking you can either purchase a license to use the images or video as you want but I retain the rights.  Or you can purchase the rights to use the works as you want and I retain no copyrights.  My licensing terms are pretty simple and intended to keep the work from being given away or sold to third parties.


I love providing great service.  It’s a priority with me.  I’m driven by fast response times, a fun work ethic and desire to deliver the goods as soon as possible.  I love creative collaboration so let’s work together to get the very best for you!


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