What is the Value of Using a Quality Commercial Photographer?

For some businesses quality images are critical to their success.  For others – it seems to be an afterthought.  Commercial photographer Steve Voelker brings years of skill and expertise to his craft that will appeal to businesses operating from both perspectives.  The actual street value of images can depend on the market, the skill of the photographer, the scope of work involved, how the images will be used and for how long.  The “branding” value of quality photography is often overlooked or usurped by the face value cost.  When measuring the up-front cost of commercial photography versus the shelf-life value over time, the up front cost perspective can diminish significantly.  Sometimes the shelf life of images or margins don’t support the up front cost of quality images.  If that is the case consider quality over quantity.  The adage of “less is more” applies to businesses on a tight budget who still want to look their very best.  Steve works closely with all of his clients to craft a project plan that meets their sales and marketing needs and fits within their budget parameters.


The world is watching.  Sounds odd but it’s true.  If you have a website for your business, sell online or use social media to market your product or service people anywhere can see what you do.  Contact Voelker Photo today and see what Steve can do to help you show the world what you do.  Use Voelker Photo to “Show it Better and Sell it Better!”