Why Use A Professional Interior Design Photographer?

Your designs are your brand.  Your identity.  You spend a lot of time designing the perfect space for your clients.  You put in a lot of work selecting quality materials, the right color combinations and the proper integration of a functional design with artful aesthetics.  The images you use should convey all that is great about your style, skill, expertise and service you provide.  Interior design photographer Steve Voelker has been shooting interiors for many years and has developed a keen eye for composition and styling critical to presenting your designs at their very best.  Proper styling and attention to detail are critical to quality interiors photography and Steve works closely with his clients to ensure the final images will represent your work in the very best way possible.  Please, don’t surrender your brand to cell phone photos or poor photography techniques that will distort the beautiful colors, light and design details you worked so hard to produce. 

What Makes Voelker Photo’s Interior Photography Different?

Steve Voelker brings his years of experience to bear in every project no matter how large or small.  The difference in quality is Steve’s eye for composition, attention to staging details and the off-camera flash technique used to produce compelling images.  Accurate lighting and colors are critical to the appearance of your work.  Steve’s lighting technique ensures your lights, windows, floors, ceilings, countertops, shower walls, vanities and window views are not overexposed or drab in color. Creative collaboration is also a difference-maker for Voelker Photo’s results.  The most rewarding aspect of interiors photography is the creative collaboration between Steve and the designer to bring the images to fruition.  


If you want your interior designs to represent their very best, please contact Voelker Photo today.  Your brand and reputation is your lifeblood.  As my saying goes, “Show it better.  Sell it better.”  Good imagery matters now more than ever and will continue to be an important part of business development as long as the internet and social media continue influence our lives every day.