Real Estate Photography for Residential and Commercial Professionals

There are primarily two types of real estate photography techniques and as a consumer it’s important you know the difference.  One style is about speed and volume.  The other is about quality.  HDR photography is done quickly on site and the images can be edited by the photographer or anyone in their office or even strangers overseas.  This style of photography relies on volume – lots of customers and jobs help offset the lower prices that makes this style appealing to many customers.  Off-camera flash is pro-level quality, takes more time on site and can usually only be edited by the photographer.  It takes a high degree of skill and talent to produce high quality images with off-camera flash and the results speak for itself.  Steve Voelker has shot both HDR and off-camera flash and speaks from experience.  He only uses off-camera flash to shoot residential and commercial real estate photography and edits all images himself.  Steve’s expert use of flash and manual blend of ambient and flash images ensures your images will be of the highest quality – both visually engaging and accurately representing the property.  His skills are scaled from small homes to hotels and large commercial properties.  Remember Voelker Photo’s mantra, “Show it better.  Sell it better.”  Appearances are more important every day as images of your properties are seen by buyer’s around the world.


Pro-quality images are a marketing investment.  Arguably the cost of great images are the most important investment you will make when selling your property.  Please contact Voelker Photo to ensure your images look their very best.  You only have one chance to make a first impression.  Make it a good one.  Show it better.  Sell it better.  Use Voelker Photo.